The mighty man manual
by jon snyder

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Many of you who have found your way to this book have been searching for answers. You have probably tried many times to rise above lust, give up pornography and are worn out from trying. There are other books and ministries that can tell you all the reasons not to look at pornography - but you wouldn't be here if you needed a pep talk. Other ministries can give you tactics and ten steps - but at the end of the day, real freedom comes from who you are - not what you do. The Mighty Man Manual, by Jon Snyder, works because its goal is to transform and restore YOU through Jesus Christ - to change the way you see yourself and heal the real heart issues that keep you bound. The reason men try and fail over and over - and the reason so many books and programs don't really bring about real change is because the proper foundation is never laid. The MMM is careful to lay the proper foundation in love and grace that is necessary for men to finally find true and lasting freedom.

Really, this is God's way. Romans 2:4 tells us that it is the loving kindness of God that leads us to repentance - not condemnation, not ten step programs, not the biggest international ministries. Lust and pornography are issues of the heart - and only God can change the heart. This is so important to understand because when you really get down to the root of the problem, lust and pornography is rooted in a lacking love need and low self-worth. How do we know this? Simply this: is impossible to treat someone like a sex object if you place a value on their worth as an individual; it is impossible to look at people this way if one truly has a revelation from God of their own worth and value; It is impossible to devalue yourself and trade the glory and grace of God in you for something worthless if you really knew your own worth.

The MMM follows a very purposeful progression that is designed to bring readers through quantum leaps of growth into true freedom and life restoration!

1) A deep understanding of GRACE restores the proper fellowship with God and enables an individual to stop the vicious cycle of ups and downs and to experience the love of God and love of self needed to progress and unlock the power of God in every other area.
2) Deepening this foundation of LOVE provides a platform for an individual to begin to dream and see themselves in a new light, gain a revelation of their worth and restore the whole man from the damage and defeat that ravages the soul
3) As restoration takes place, hope and renewed vision for the future is a natural outflow. Dreaming and vision gives a person what they need to fight their battles and gives effective working to tactics presented in this book to fight the spiritual warfare, physical struggles and mental battles needed to overcome.
4) Victories won in these areas provide a foundation to identify the real, deep heart needs and wounds that must be healed in order for an individual to truly walk in freedom versus living in "sin management" for the rest of their life.
5) As the Lord Jesus heals the heart needs and wounds, real freedom, real victory and real identity is formed so that every believer can say, "I don't struggle with lust or pornography any longer!"

We invite you to discover these life-changing truths and gain new insights for every aspect of this battle. Begin your journey to walk in freedom today!

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