Our counseling referral practice

We believe in responsible stewardship of souls and the needs of those in our care. Mighty Man Ministries does limited in-house counseling on a case-by-case basis. So we refer many in need of counseling to licensed, practicing counselors around the country. Typically, this takes place following an event or workshop. Those who hear our message and wish to have more one-on-one ministry will be referred to a local counselor in their conference area. Most often these are men or ministers who don't have the support structure within their local church and need someone who can help them navigate the issues they are facing.

Any counselors who are MMM approved will be listed in local conference materials, referred as a resource when people call our ministry looking for counseling in a given region or whose needs may require by law that they be referred to a licensed counselor.

Becoming a MMM counselor

The Ministry of Reconciliation - Our Philosophy - God's Way.

Most counseling, even Christian counseling, is directed at "fixing" what is broken in a person so that they become more healthy and functional. While this sounds good, it is actually the opposite of how God deals with us, sanctifies us and how we in the ministers of reconciliation are instructed to minister to others. You see, you can never stop sinning by trying to stop sinning. Heart change doesn't come by examining the heart. Righteousness doesn't come from eradicating unrighteousness. Such notions are man's ideas, not God's and will NEVER produce Godly results. We are therefore very careful that counselors in our network are not using carnal means under the guises of "Christian" counseling.

2 Corinthians 5 gives us insights how the ministry of reconciliation should work. This passage teaches us that ministers should regard no one according to the flesh (v. 16), not impart a sin consciousness but an awareness of their righteousness, the very righteousness of God (vv. 19, 21). In this way we reconcile people to God and lay a foundation for soundness of mind (v.13). You see, a person in right relationship with God will have the tools they need to overcome obstacles and walk in the new man that they are in Christ. We don't "call people OUT" on sin and dysfunction, but "call them UP" to who they are in Christ. When you change who a person IS, they will be able to change what they DO - it never works the other way around.

Being saved does not mean that a person is mentally in right relationship with God. 99% of Christians are sin-conscious, filled with shame, concerned with their performance and in a state where they believe God is judging them. This is contrary to what the Bible teaches. A proper understanding of God's grace and love are critical for a person to really love and accept themselves. Real heart change happens when we are in this right relationship with God. However, most people are trying to change behavior to attain what they perceive as right relationship with God. This is completely backward. Give us ANY person struggling in any area and if you approach their restoration in this way, you'll see superior results.

Counselor Orientation

If you would like more information or to become a counselor, we would like to hear from you. Please email us at the link below with your name and some information about your practice. All we would ask is that you read the Mighty Man Manual, its workbook and a short orientation that we provide. If you are comfortable with our process and approach and appreciate its Biblical basis, we'd love to refer people to you. From there, you have full autonomy with patients to treat them as you would any other patient. We do not require any type of reporting. Our referrals are no-strings-attached. We simply want to know that these men and families are getting proper, Bible-based, new man, New Covenant ministry.

E-mail: info@mightymanministries.com